trash litter pick-up tool. e-z reacher will pick up a dime or a 5 ib. brick. patented locking handle. enviromentally safe products

     Trash pick-up tool with patented locking handle and rubber gripper cups. The versatile E-Z Reacher will pick up a dime or a 5 Ib. brick. Will safely pick up things you don't want to touch! Versatile pick-up tools and environmentally safe products.

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E-Z Reacher II is made entirely in the USA by SENIOR CITIZENS.

The handle orientation is natural, so you don't have to twist your wrist when using the tool.

Ideal for litter pick up, shopping, long reaches and changing light bulbs.

Will safely pick up things you don't want to touch!

  The versatile E-Z Reacher will pick up a dime or a 5 Ib. brick. 


 Versatile rubber suction cups
Patented locking handle 
Trigger with mechanical advantage
 High strength ABS plastic pistol grip
Extruded aluminum stalk  
Stainless steel center straps
Durable rust free design.  
Stainless steel side straps
  Available in a wide variety of sizes from 20 inches to 35 feet

EZ-Reacher Price List:

32"    $25.99 each

 40"    $27.99 each 
(includes shipping within the continental USA)

This is the ONLY ONE with a LOCKING HANDLE and may be the BEST pick up tool ever!

Available in a WIDE VARIETY of sizes from 20 inches to 20 feet, yes we said 20 FEET!

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     Trash Pick-Up Tool With Patented Locking Handle And Rubber Gripper Cups. The Versatile E-Z Reacher Will Pick Up A Dime Or A 5 Ib. Brick. Will Safely Pick Up Things You Don't Want To Touch! Durable, Rust Free Design. Versatile Pick-Up Tools And Environmentally Safe Products. 

     For More Information, Please Call 1-800-446-6076 Ext. 21 Or 1(760) 747-6076 Ext. 2. Or E-Mail Your Request To  

    The Handle Orientation Is Natural, So You Don't Have To Twist Your Wrist When Using The Tool. E-2 Reacher II Is Made Entirely In The USA By SENIOR CITIZENS. Ideal For Litter Pick Up, Sanitary Maintenance Of Urinals, Restrooms, Vault Toilets, And Changing Light Bulbs. Features: Versatile Rubber Suction Cups. Patented Locking Handle. Trigger With Mechanical Advantage. High Strength ABS Plastic Pistol Grip. Extruded Aluminum Stalk. Stainless Steel Center Straps. Durable Rust Free Design. Stainless Steel Side Straps.  Available In A Wide Variety Of Sizes From 20 Inches To 35 Feet